Greek Economic Crisis: Some Spiritual Reasons

This is a layout of my thoughts about the economic crisis, which has begun as a Greek debt crisis, but seems to be spreading. This is not written from an intellectual distant viewing. It has come, during my meditative attempts to find spiritual meaning and solutions, to what affects me personally, as a citizen in Athens, and affects others around me. After clearing the mind of the preconceptions and ideas I may have had about it, these are some thoughts that came through:

The first understanding is that this crisis, will affect almost all people with many common issues, hardly anyone would be exempt. However, its significance will also be unique to each. The response of each would be unique too, as it is a major stepping point in each one’s spiritual path. For my best friend, for example, the crisis was the catalyst and motive to migrate to another country, this was her path. For me, it reinforced even more, the need to stay where I am. It is highly individualized and we really need to get in tune with our own spiritual compass to work out the best course of action during a highly transitory time. No one from outside can give us a package solution for it. I feel the changes that are to come to each of us are designed in every detail to give each one of us the opportunity to find God. It may be through loss of a job, or a friend, or a given lifestyle, or money, or a new activity. I believe, everyone will ultimately benefit from the changes and the opportunities they bring. Even if one is very resistant, the learning hangs around somewhere in the soul, to be acknowledged consciously when the individual is ready. I am still learning today from events that happened to me, thousands of years ago! We all do. We are in a continuous soul learning process, whether we are consciously aware or not.

An economic collapse will cut very neatly, quickly, and perhaps shockingly, for many of us, the false attachments, illusions of safety, Western arrogance, useless preoccupations, addictions of hedonism etc. It will force us to go straight into what truly matters. To find again what truly matters will take us to the heart of things and it is the only way to find peace, through the turmoil. Compassion for others truly matters. Faith in God truly matters. Control of the mind truly matters, to be totally in the now and in peace. Yes, we knew these things from before. But we didn’t always do them, we had the luxury not to do them. Now, we are forced to do them, in order to survive. When we find the things that really matter, the fear will lessen, the turmoil will not mean much. It could a re-prioritising…Like the wind, which takes all our office papers up in a whirlpool and then we have to re-order them, throwing away the obsolete ones.

A group of ancestors came forward in my meditation recently, unknown to me, a whole group of them. ‘What is all this fuss about? Only two generations ago and people were accustomed, as they had been for thousands of generations, to survive through hardships much worse than this…Faith in God is absolutely vital, never lose faith, this is a test of faith. However immediate and practical the challenge, we always turned to the gods for help, reassurance and guidance. This was no accident. It was not to appease gods, as some of your ‘mythological’ analysis implies today. It was because Spirit is the only true and effective source of solutions.’ These rituals were not a luxury. It was the point of contact, the basis, the only real point of reference in their highly unpredictable world. Today, we are turning to analysis upon analysis, projects, meetings, intellectual tricks of our human mind, to solve it. This might have just worked occasionally, as our world was relatively predictable. But it doesn’t seem to be for long… As a charismatic priest said some time ago, (and I will never forget this saying): “A real problem needs a real solution”. God is not leaving us alone in this.

The second thing the ancestors said was that, during a crisis, they would not leave a vulnerable member of the community alone. The solution would have to involve all. Apart from being inhuman, any exclusion would damage the spiritual robustness of the community. It may sound paradoxical to our modern thinking, but, without the vulnerable ones, the community would be less strong.

The strengthening of the intuitive faculty is a very important lesson and a necessity. The situation will be unfamiliar and in many ways will feel totally paradoxical. And our best solutions may sound paradoxical also, since what used to work may no longer do. We need to resist media control, confusion, lies, even brainwashing. We have to go to our inner truth and validate what comes through, in order to be able to see clearly. On the personal, but also on the collective level. On each opportunity, we need to go within and ask: “What is the truth here? What does this mean? What do I feel about this?” This is very important for our empowerment, especially during this time, when there is a lot of lies, manipulation and false terrorizing by the media, in order to assist financial gains for the few. I see that we all have like a cable springing from the top of our heads, which links us to the source of all knowledge and true information from the Universe. Some people have allowed this cable to wither and rust. For others, it is dismantled into thinner threads going into all sorts of directions. And many people have wired their cable straight into the TV! We cannot get any truths from the TV! People here, in agony over the safety of their bank accounts, look to the 9 o ‘clock news to conclude whether it is safe to keep the money in the bank. The TV is not going to say this! We have to feel our way, as to how we build our safety, which individual or organization to trust, what the next step is…Others are terrorized by the threats of our politicians: “Either the bail-out, or you will become like Argentina!”. We need to question everything we hear…We need not take facts for granted…So, what was so terrible about Argentina after all? The default there at least happened suddenly, yes, there were some deaths over riots, but the deaths due to debt-related suicides here, over the past 20 months quite likely exceed this number… Ours has been a slow death in independence and dignity and, in some ways, this is already a worse collapse than a disorderly default, that they so scare us about. We need to be able to see behind words, behind appearances and behind threats!

So, intuition, discernment and clarity are necessary in order to resist. I will refer specifically to some examples that I see in Greece. One example, which I gave above, is the terrorizing. Another example is turning social groups against each other, for example private sector workers against state workers. By insisting that there is not enough money (while not touching the huge amounts that have been taken abroad by corrupt politicians and their associates), they compare how much different social groups earn and, in a sense, turn us against each other in competition for the ‘crumbles’ that have remained. Another method is playing with a nation’s guilt. This country has hosted a lot of corruption and to some extent, corrupt politicians corrupted in turn many people, through cliente list rapports, giving them privileges in exchange for votes. As a result, many feel hidden guilt, with all the accompanying feelings of worthlessness that this entails. It is a very ripe ground for a messianic external committee to arrive to “save” Greece (how often we hear this word, how much it has been abused!), in the name of “solidarity”. The bail-outs absolutely do not help the country and, in my personal opinion should stop. These are expensive loans, which all go to paying back banks, while putting the country’s assets (and land) at stake, almost as a guarantee, while the economy has been strangled. The bail-outs are a way of rolling onto the peoples to pay for the fictional products bankers and traders created, through a very complicated system, that only they would understand. This is why we need intuition to cut through obscurity. ‘Solidarity’ is not. ‘Rescuing’ is not. ‘Help’ is not. Even what is called ‘investment” is very often not. We, the people, are made to feel guilty that we, the people should be punished by austerity (illegal and unjust) for our profligacy. Previous corruption of the few is generalized for everyone and used to justify the “salvation measures”, which, in effect, leave the corrupt ones mostly untouched and make the rest of us pay even more, yet again. We need to have enough discernment to resist this too and I wonder whether other countries may see similar behaviors from their leaders too.

Accessing answers, even knowledge, whenever permitted or appropriate, from within, may come as visions, sensations, feelings of energy that cannot be put in words. They cannot be put in the words of our modern languages, because our modern languages have developed in the course of the 3 dimensional phase of humanity. We would need to develop a new language or resurrect ancient sacred languages to be able to describe or communicate in this new way. Sometimes, the messages or impressions that come through may sound very self-evident, almost cliche, when put in words. If I stay only in the words, I am tempted to think: ‘What is so new about this, everyone knows this…’. Yet, the tints, the undercurrents, the new aspects, the feelings that accompany the over-used words always feel new, rich and true. Whatever the case, we must always trust this new knowledge that waits to be born and resurface and we must believe in it and express it, for this is building our truth and the world of truth.

Greece is sometimes being blamed for a global financial crisis. But how can a country with a GDP of less than 0.03% of the global one, ‘drag down healthy countries’, as it has been accused? Is it, perhaps, that there was vulnerability is these ‘healthy’ countries in the first place? The debt contagion is a stark example of our interconnectedness. It is not a particularly desirable interconnectedness. Yet, it is there. Some may argue that this is only because Greece is in the Euro, otherwise its debt crisis would go largely unnoticed. But, this is just the surface, the obvious. In fact, there is interconnectedness with many more than we think. We have interconnectedness with all other countries in the world, the poorest ones, the ones we hardly ever hear about. We may think: ‘How does it affect me if destitute families are scavenging for food at a forgotten corner of Africa, for example? I feel compassion for them, but, other than that, it cannot affect me”. It does. More than the Greek debt contagion does. I believe that, unless we realize the extent of our interconnectedness and act on it, we may get harder lessons of this interconnectedness manifested than the euro crisis lesson.

This change is far bigger than we realize. We hear about the economic crisis which is juts the tip of the iceberg. Spirit has a wonderfully ingenious way of creating opportunities, where many different learnings and on different levels can be achieved at the same time…I suppose it is a more efficient way than having to create a different crisis for each learning! In this case, I feel that what is really at stake is issues of power. It is about the everyday man regaining his/her power to have a say, to affect his life. We say we live in democracies, but the way they run today is ineffective and incomplete. In effect, very little power is given to the people to choose for the future. This crisis aims at motivating people out of apathy to claim and win back their power. It is a crisis very much about political life and there will be changes, in the direction of empowering the people to be the decision-makers (for example, referendums could be the norm, polls to be taken into account in decision-making). The reason why the economy (rather than some other area) was chosen by Spirit as the trigger for political change, is that the economy will simply affect everyone. Everyone will be affected, so everyone will be motivated to investigate, to think, to respond, to re-act. If there was a crisis, which would affect only a minority, let’s say a local conflict for example, this would not suffice to bring everyone out of our sofas. Plus that our approaches to wealth and consumerism, along with all their negative consequences, from the environmental to the spiritual, will be challenged. So, it is a perfect opportunity to shake us up to make new choices in many areas.

Collapse of any currency, or indeed of money, as a means of exchange altogether (returning to a barter society) has the purpose of purifying money and clearing humanity’s attachment to it. Money is probably the biggest attachment humanity has. It may be necessary because we have abused money much and much abuse still takes place for money. It is like the toy that may burn the child’s hands. The child cries if it is taken away, but the loving father will not let the toy explode on the child hands. How did money start? It came to make the exchange of products easier and to ensure fairer deals, during exchanges, since it assigned basic prices, as a point of reference to all products. However, justice is always a matter of people. The tool cannot provide justice or injustice. Only man can. In fact, money ended up facilitating the biggest and most unimaginable injustices in the distribution of wealth, in ways which would be unimaginable to our ancestors. How else could we describe the gambling going in stock markets today? Rather than clarity and easiness in exchanges, it brought about obscurity and complications. How else could the jargon of financial institutions’ workings be described today? How can ordinary people, who may have no access to the Internet, education, or the inclination to understand, know what CDS, hedge funds, EFSF are? Greed is a human attribute. Money did not shelter us from it.

In the midst of change, there seems to always be the battle between light and dark, which one to dominate, which one to take up the void. The qualities of Light, patience, fairness, compassion, faith, or the qualities of dark, fear, aggression, judgment, competition, cruelty? My understanding is that we each are called to make choices on these qualities on a daily basis and we will be called more and more. However small they are, small things matter! This is why our full presence and awareness is necessary. We may not have been officially appointed as the main generals in the war between the Light and dark, but our daily choices affect very much. One example that was pointed out to me recently was judgment. Whatever we may realize with our discernment others are doing, we must still not judge. Our anger will energetically augment their side, not ours. It is important to purify ourselves constantly over every opportunity, small or big. If we clear these specks of fear, anger, judgment, grabbing, whenever they come up, outside darkness cannot touch us or harm us. It can only do so, if it finds a contact point within us.

This change also involves many more than we think. This is why trust is so important. It is not just humanity who decides. Humanity may make the situation a little harder for herself, but ultimately it is not just her, who decides. In my meditations, many came forward who expressed their involvement in what is to come. Spirit of course. Spirit has a saying in what will occur. The deities that have long-lived in this land and each land, they have a say. The Masters that have walked the land in body, they have a say. The underground Masters and brother tribes, those who live below the land and with whom we were once together, they also have a say in what is to come to the land. The star connections, the parent planets of each land and nation, the many civilizations of Light beyond our planet, with whom each land is specifically connected and who helped us on our first baby steps on this planet, they also are here. The spirits of the animals, of trees and plants that are particularly connected with a land, they have a say too. The ancestors, they have a say, they give a helping hand and they put their foot down too. Some people also may notice their future selves coming into play… They come with wisdom, from a time when it will all have been over and cleared and understood. They all come to help. It has been quite a crowd recently!

So, humanity is not the sole player. There is a limit up to how much humanity can affect and in a sense, this is a relief. It has been very humbling and awesome to be just one member of this crowd. It is good that humanity is not the first. It is very lonely being the first. It is good not being the first. It is good being part of this crowd. It is good.

In some ways, the changes feel like the reset of a counter. There may be grief over the old past habits, however painful and dysfunctional these were. There is also the bitter-sweet feeling of release and excitement on what lies ahead.